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Ronaldo Felipe

I am a software developer with 7 years of experience. I have worked on several kinds of projects such as Game projects, Website projects and Iot projects. Recently, I've been focusing my career on game development and Unity3D game engine, which uses C# as the main programming language.

Java Developer at Job Silicon Strategy
Java Developer at Job The Spemsa Group
Full Stack Developer at Petrobras
Graduated in Computer Science
Game Development Instructor - Volunteer Job
Unity Developer at WIMTACH
Angular Developer at WIMTACH
95% Unity
100% C#
95% C++
100% Java

What I Do

The skills that make me an exceptional developer.


As a Java Developer, one of my many responsibilities was building a high number of automated tests based on JUnit and Selenium. Moreover, I have experience and knowledge about test-driven-development, so if your company uses this technique, I can quickly adapt.


My knowledge in UML, MVC, and design patterns support me to build scalable solutions. These techniques help development teams to communicate and reduce maintenance costs overtime efficiently.


Not only do I have 6 years of coding professionally, but I have also studied coding languages by myself for many years. A short list of the languages that I have either used or studied for fun: Java, C#, Javascript, C/C++, Python, PHP, Ruby, Pascal, VBA, PL/SQL, Haskel, Assembly for MIPS processor and BF.


Large enterprises demand reports for decision making and Petrobras is no different. While I worked there, I built systems for extracting data, processing them and generating reports. Furthermore, I analyzed the retrieved data from their business to find a handful of opportunities to reduce costs and improve quality.

Glitch Tower Defense

This is a tower defense game that is mostly based on the game artwork of Glitch.

Gathering the Pieces

I used most of the artwork from the game, Glitch; though I looked for other Creative Commons artwork to use.

I Learned Aplenty

Git flow during its iterations, Unity Remote and Bone Animation are just some of the examples.

I Had Published

For me, it was a victory because I had to manage my 'free' time carefully.

The Community Decides

I intend to improve this game according to the people's feedbacks because delivering an excellent experience to the people is my goal.


Projects I have created and published.

Contact Me

Ronaldo Felipe

Toronto, Canada